• No ads

  • No subscription fee


  • Easy to use, like your favourite messenger

  • No sign-up required


  • All your messages are encrypted

  • Only you and your addressee are able to read messages


Free - app and service are free to use, no subscription fee, no ads
Easy - share your location in one tap, no sign up required
Safe - your messages are encrypted and not stored on servers
IM - send instant messages with or without your current location *
Live - send message and share your location in real-time *

You can use LocatIM for

Coordinate with family members or friends
Automatically send or receive location
Track your contact's position in real-time **
Allow your contact to track your location **
Share your location with anyone – via email or favourite messenger
..Or just use LocatIM as a messenger (without sending a location)

* GPS and data connection required. When you are on cellular data,
you might be charged by your cell operator for using certain features
and services that transfer data
** Every few minutes you'll send or receive message with location